By dgadmin on March 21st, 2017

Turn-Key Projects
Showroom Furniture, Renovation, Exterior & Interior Design

Adhering to the international standards, the interior and exterior design of the show room with customized handmade furniture has been done by the company to bring about a sense of professionalism, clarity and simplicity. The colors and dimensions are carefully matched with the brand colors and specifications in the guidelines, where consistency and quality have been given the highest concern.

Client & Location
Peugeot/ Colombo – Sri Lanka
Principal Activity
Furniture Design/ Exterior & Interior Design/ Renovation Work

1. Exterior Cladding

Carefully color matched & installed adhering to brand standards

2. Sales Area Interior

Furniture & Interior has been done in a minimalistic way following brand guidelines

3. Receptionist Desk

Hand-made of solid wood & is lit up with LED light beams

4. Curtains

Made up of a fabric that matches the wall colors to bring an illuminating effect