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Dulantha Nirthaj Seelanatha

“ A man who was born to transform concepts into extraordinary reality. ”

He comes from a family which has scored a reputed name and has been in the fabric industry for many long years. Nanda Seelanatha family was in the industry since 1970’s and the exposure he gained through his father’s and grandfather’s business has laid him the foundation to become t the great entrepreneur he is today.

Dulantha Nirthaj Seelanatha who has created a revolution in the industry, is a rare man who was gifted by birth to see beyond what is captured  by the naked eye and who rose up on his own feet with determination and conquered the world of design to deliver nothing but the best.

A Word From the Designer

Every item you see in this catalogue has been uniquely designed by us and hand-crafted by the finest artisans using highest quality materials who work in our own workshop.

The result is a masterpiece, which is one of a kind, and when you  invest in it, our assurance is that no other customer will ever own that design.

Nirthaj Seelanatha


A company whose core activities being design consultation, architectural design, furniture design, construction & turn-key projects and interior design; continuing to capture a reputed name in both local & international design business arena for its innovation and out of the box thinking.

Our Work

Imagination that surpasses the ordinary thinking

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We take absolute importance on understanding the particular needs and wishes of our clients for a personalized service delivered to an uncompromisingly high standard. Our company aims to create and manage our projects highly efficient and specialized, destined to suit your needs. We supply our clients a comprehensive architectural and interior design services.